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How to Tag a Vehicle with RFID

Not all RFID tags are alike and access control, vehicle identification and vehicle tracking applications face specific environmental conditions – namely extreme temperature rangers and sunlight – so depending on your specific application, there are a number of different tags that may fit the bill.

Under this technology, RFID tags with sensors are installed in each of the vehicles and RFID tag detectors are placed in important locations like at the entry and exit gates, traffic points, weigh brides etc. Whenever a RFID vehicles approaches, the detectors can sense the vehicle even if the vehicle is running at a high speed.

The two key benefits of RFID Vehicle identification solution are as follows:

Traffic Management: In big cities, there is a certain specified speed limit. By using this technology, a concerned official can easily trace the high speeding vehicle and take the required necessary steps. Apart from this, RFID technology can monitor the movement of vehicles very efficiently.

Vehicle and Driver Identification: In Weigh Bridge and in entry and exit gates, the RFID vehicles can be easily traced from a distance. Also, one can easily get the information of vehicle number and driver immediately. This will help to facilitate the entry of registered vehicles into the premises.

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Assetcode On

ASSETCODE ON offers printable, low-profile and flexible features, which has an excellent RF application to track and monitor fixed assets on metal surfaces - such as, equipment and machineries -, with the read range of 16-ft.


FLEETCODE RFID Windshield Tag featuring low-profile and embeddable design to track and monitor Military Supply Chain. MIL STD 810-F and IP68 ratings ensure extra durability and shock (and vibration) resistance.

Clavecode I

Rugged RFID Hard Tag featuring long reading range on and off metal surfaces. An ideal RFID solution for tracking and monitoring enterprise fixed assets.