RFID in tires makes many new business models possible and can also further increase safety when driving. We are convinced it represents a significant step forward in the tire industry

UHF RFID Spring Tire Tag is suitable for tire production management,tire traceability management, transportation management, in and out management, annual inspection management, and racing management in tire factories.

The RFID Chip Car Tire tag has been developed to be embedded within the tire during the manufacturing process, where it will last the lifetime of the tire.UHF RFID Tire tag is widely used in tire inventory and transportation management.

Why need Use RFID Tire Tag:

  • UHF RFID Spring Tire tag has small volume, reduce manufacturing costs and have good concealment.
  • The reading speed of RFID Tire tags is fast, and there is no need to manually identify the tags. The reader can read the product data from the RFID tire tag in only 250 milliseconds.
  • Some readers can even read more than 250 tags per second.
  • RFID Tire Tag can be reused and stain resistant.
  • UHF Embedded Vehicle RFID Tire Tag is easy to realize automatic identification, can identify high-speed moving objects and can identify multiple RFID Tags at the same time.
  • The amount of information stored in the RFID Tire tag is very large, and it can provide a code for each very specific object to identify a single object, instead of only identifying one type of object like a barcode.
  • The application of RFID tire tags enables automatic data collection in the production, storage, sales, use, and retreading of tires, and accompany the tire life-long use. Through the collection of big data, Enterprises can improve the process to be more suitable for different users according to the usage conditions of different tires, and extend the service life of tires.

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TIRECODE offers reliable tire identification (passive; “battery-free” UHF wireless technology), password locking, and embeddable properties, with a read range of