High-temperature RFID tags are designed to withstand extreme temperatures and environments for a long period of time. RFID high-temperature tags are suitable for a variety of applications giving you accurate information every time. RFID high-temperature durable tags are ideal in healthcare, automotive, oil & gas, and other industries where high temperatures are present.

We have a variety of different tags available to meet your needs from embedded RFID wire tags to RFID laundry tags. These tags are perfect for pallets, autoclaves, post-paint processes, industrial laundry tracking, and more Check out our selection of high

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Rugged RFID Hard Tag featuring long reading range on and off metal surfaces. An ideal RFID solution for tracking and monitoring enterprise fixed assets.

Steel Trak I

Best-selling Ceramic RFID Anti Metal Tag that offers an autoclavable design and rugged encapsulation to withstand high temperatures of up to 250*C.

Sparecode III

Micro Ceramic RFID On-Metal Tag that features durability and high-performance against extreme temperatures and chemical exposure.