How RFID Technology in Healthcare Industry Can Be Utilized?

RFID technology in healthcare industry can be used for many objectives.

1. Patient Tracking and History Records
An RFID band is girded around the wrist of a patient. Through RFID, the hospital keeps track of the patient. The wristband carries all relevant data such as name, medical record, allergies etc.

When a patient has been admitted for a long-time, RFID can helps the doctor know if the patient is allergic to any medicines. The historical record of the patient also assists in surgery by providing crucial information.

The RFID tag can be really handy, e.g. if a patient has memory problems, they may stray or get lost in a hospital. Through RFID wristbands, the hospital can know the exact whereabouts of the patient.

2. Equipment Tracking
Machines, equipment and vehicle tracking is important for hospitals. It not only makes them aware about the location of their vehicles, equipment etc. but also enables in asset maintenance.

Hospital assets are critical and have to be always on ready-to-use mode. RFID tags are used to track assets even as they move inside or outside of the hospital premises.

When it comes to the Operation Theatres, it is mandatory that inspection of assets is done regularly so that unplanned breakdowns are avoided. The Asset Maintenance Management software provides a great help in handling such mission-critical assets.

3. Medicine & Pharmaceutical Tracking
Asset tracking and management software can handle the area of pharmaceuticals in hospitals. The system informs about the expiry date of medicines and their stock levels. Overall, the software also enables you to track easily the current stock of medicines.

As pharmaceuticals and medicines are the most consumed and critical items in a hospital, each hospital has to keep up a consistent stock of essential medicines. Over and above that, it should also have vaccines and other degradable products used in surgeries such as masks, syringes, gloves, etc.

Medicines and surgical equipment are expensive commodities. It is therefore important for healthcare establishments to keep stock as well as a track of these items. The investment is huge and cannot be protected without tracking.

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