Embeddable RFID for a Multitude of Solutions and Tag Designs

MyTechcodes’s extensive experience with tagging solutions of all kinds allows manufacturers to save the time and expense of design and production and focus entirely on providing customer solutions. Using a variety of integrated chips, we offer a range of embeddable RFID tags, in various form factors and at all standard frequencies, that leave no visible evidence in finished products.

MyTechcodes’s patented direct bonding technology enables extremely small designs — including ring designs, if needed. Our engineers can also help design transponders for special use cases.

Application examples:

  • Consumables (e.g., filters, cartridges or gas cartouches)
  • Medical tools (e.g., drills)
  • Cable plugs
  • Car keys
  • Plastic boxes for transporting goods
  • Branded merchandise

MyTechcodes Embeddable RFID Tags come in tiny form factors, making them perfect for the seamless integration into very small items. Our Embeddable RFID Tags are ideal for installation into small tools, pieces of technology and tiny assets that need to be tracked, as well as luxury items like high-end watches to prevent counterfeiting.

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Sparecode I

best-selling ceramic RFID Anti Metal Tag designed to track and control inventory of MRO Tools and Spare Parts