Find the RFID tag type for your industry, depending on the material to print on or the technology you need in your tag.

Nowadays we can find RFID tags or labels for any application. Thanks to the advances that have been made in RFID technology, it is possible to read and identify products by means of tags placed on any type of material, even on wet materials or metals. Thus, we have RFID tags for all kinds of jobs and situations. From the simplest RFID tags for common use, to more specialised RFID tags such as chemical abrsion resistant RFID tags or special RFID tags for metals.

In addition, almost all of the labels we work with can be printed and encoded on any model and brand of RFID printer on the market. Exceptions are RFID hard tags, which must be enclosed in a rigid housing, or metal tags, which can only be printed on certain printer models if foam is used.

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MEDICODE MEDICODE offers superior identification, compact form factor, tamper-proof, chemical-resistant and metal-mount properties, with a read range of up to

Tools Track

TOOL TRAK offers a rugged design, high reliability and durability, which is key to identify and track tools or small equipment, with an industry leading read range of 10-ft